Primavera Make-Your-Own-Pizza Superstar in Illinois

Oven Type: Residential
Kit or Fully Assembled: Assembled
Oven Series: Primavera

“My wife is 150% Italian 🙂 and we would have “Make Your Own Pizza” Friday every week. We would bake them in the oven in our kitchen, and don’t get me wrong, the pizzas were good, but I knew we had to get better. That’s when we made the decision to acquire a Forno Bravo Primavera in Terracotta! And what is a pizza oven without a place to put it? So, after a few upgrades to our outdoor patio area, we were in business. We use the oven in all four seasons, and it has been fantastic. For example, we were cooking pizzas when it was so cold outside (how cold was it?!)  — when we would put our bottles of beer down on the countertops outside, the beer would freeze solid in about 30 seconds. Thank God you were able to get to the front of the pizza oven to stay warm.

We now have “make you own” pizza parties for friends and family. We will do anywhere from 10 to 40 pizzas in one evening. All the dough and sauce are homemade, and toppings vary from tomatoes to sardines. The bottom line is this; with such a crazy last year, our pizza parties are an amazing way to bring people together and have a great time making amazing pizzas and sharing a great time with friends. What else could you want?!

Thank you for a great product and great customer service.”

Name: Matthew P

Oven: Primavera70

From: Burr Ridge, IL

Forno Bravo pizza oven collage

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