Joe P’s Casa100 Pizza Oven is a Tribute to his Parents and Italian Heritage

Oven Type: Residential
Kit or Fully Assembled: Kit
Oven Series: Casa

“Being an Italian, I grew up listing to stories from my father, who emigrated to the USA at the age of 9, of what it was like living in Tufo, Italy as a child on a small farm in Italy. From his many stories, I learned that his mother would trade bread with the local baker for the use of his “oven.”

Here in the US, my father was a block mason who worked with his hands. My mother, who was also Italian, was a fantastic cook, as all Italian mothers are, and would make bread by hand too. Growing up, I learned from my father how to use my hands, and from my mother, her passion for cooking. My family has enjoyed many loaves of bread, roasts, and pizza’s baked in this oven.

Though my parents have since passed, this oven has kept their stories alive with my family still today.”

Name: Joe P

Oven: Casa100

Location: Tampa, Florida

Forno Bravo pizza oven collage

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