Humberto G’s Grand Texas Outdoor Kitchen

Oven Type: Residential
Kit or Fully Assembled: Kit
Oven Series: Giardino

“I grew up on a small South Texas Cattle Ranch in the Rio Grande Valley with lots of family. I remember having large cookouts with my family and friends.

We love outdoor cooking; we cooked everything on an open fire. Naturally, I wanted to make a rustic outdoor kitchen, and had been thinking about this project for several years. I ultimately decided on a chimney (oven), a BBQ pit, rustic tile countertops, rustic stonework, and a covered cedar patio. I decided to look into your pizza ovens for my chimney, because I wanted to cook in it, and not just have it for decoration. I am happy with my selection of your Giardino 70 (should have gone bigger.) It is a wonderful experience cooking pizzas from scratch. We love making the pizza dough from scratch and my wife makes a nice homemade pizza sauce, but the best thing of all is the smoky flavor you get on the cheese and other toppings. We have had several pizza parties where we invited family, and each person tops their own pizzas. At the last party, we cooked 30 pizzas! (Definitely should have gone bigger.)

We are enjoying our Forno Bravo pizza oven, it is a wonderful part of our outdoor kitchen, Thank You.

I am sending you some pictures of our project (Pizza Oven Installation) from start to finish, hope you like them as much as we love our outdoor kitchen.”

Name: Humberto G

Oven: Giardino70

From: Rio Grande Valley in South Texas

Forno Bravo pizza oven collage

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