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The Millstone

The Millstone, The Windmill Flour Production.

Millstones can be found all over the Mediterranean; often used as decorations at farmhouses and old mill locations. Before wind was harnessed for milling flour, stone mills were operated either by hand or were powered by animals. The flour mills excavated in ancient Pompeii were located at the bakery and were powered by animals.

As with many wind-powered mills, this mill was set on a hill above the town, where the famous Mistral wind was easy to find.

There are many abandoned mills throughout the Mediterranean region, where only the round stone building remains. There are numerous preserved mills, such as this one found outside Arles, France, and there are even fully restored mills that are still operational. A small village outside Chartres, France claims to be the oldest continually operating mill, and it has been continually repaired for hundreds of years; since Medieval times. It still grinds flour on weekends during the harvest and is worth seeing if you are in the area.

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