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Primavera Or Toscana?

Forno Bravo produces two assembled ovens product families: the smaller Primavera and the larger Toscana.


Do you want an assembled oven that you can set up without using a forklift or other mechanical lift, and without using any special tools?

Are you space or budget constrained?

Do you want an oven that heats up very quickly and is easy to manage?

The Forno Bravo Primavera60 is the world’s most convenient oven that is capable of baking true Pizza Napoletana and crusty hearth bread. It can be lifted up and the legs attached by 4-6 strong people—without mechanical assistance, and it can be fully fired and ready to bake pizza in as little as 20 minutes. The larger Primavera70 can be set on a typical BBQ island, making a wood oven accessible to a new range of users.

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Do you want a mainstream size oven, but do not want to worry about the installation process?

Do you want to do some customization to the oven exterior, such as brick or stone, but do not want to do the basic oven and enclosure installation?

Do you have forklift access to the area where you want to install our pizza oven?

The Forno Bravo Toscana Ovens ovens are fully insulated, fully assembled and fully finished, and available in four sizes and four enclosure designs—and two different colors (32 total models). You can set them in place and light the fire (be careful to follow the curing instructions). Or, you can purchase an unfinished Toscana oven in order to do a custom finish on-site.

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