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Premio110 Home Pizza Oven Kit – Gas or Wood

Oven Size:



44″ Pizza Oven Kit ships in3 to 7 days!
Wood Fired for indoor or outdoor installation.
Gas option available for outdoor installations.

The Premio110 home pizza oven kit is UL certified for indoor or outdoor kitchens. It has a 44″ cooking floor capable of baking 6 – 10 inch pizzas at a time. This gas or wood fired pizza oven features 50 minute heat up time and outstanding heat retention. The perfect pizza oven engine.

Pizza oven kit includes everything you need to assemble a professional-grade wood fired pizza oven, including refractory dome and vent, firebrick tile cooking floor, 4″ (4 x 1″) ceramic blanket dome insulation, 3″ ceramic board floor insulation, high temp mortar, 8″ x 24″ stainless steel chimney with rain cap, insulated steel door and thermometer.

Oven tools sold separately.

Preimo110 home pizza oven kit includes:

  • Commercial grade refractory 3″ oven dome with integral vent;
  • Firebrick cooking floor that is NSF-4 certified for use with food;
  • 4″ Ceramic fiber insulation blanket and 3″ board to fully insulate pizza oven;
  • High temperature mortar;
  • Stainless steel stove pipe kit with anchor plate, 24″ flue and cap;
  • Insulated Steel door with thermometer;
  • Optional Cucina stand;

Optional Drago P1+ Outdoor Gas Burner Kit includes:

  • Liquid Propane – 51,000 BTUs; Natural Gas – 38,000 BTUs
  • Flame control system with pilot, low and high flame settings;
  • Stainless steel guard to protect burner;
  • Remote thermocouple with wire and gauge;
  • Gas leak detector.

Fast heat up time and outstanding heat retention. The perfect home pizza oven for those who want the authenticity of wood fired cooking.

NOTE: Gas burner option only available for outdoor installations.

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To learn about pizza ovens in general, click here.

Weight 1870 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 55 × 49 in

Wood, Liquid Propane, Natural Gas


“My inspiration is creating a special wood oven food experience for friends and family, from the morning breakfasts to the evening dinners. What I love the most is the fact that the entire process of building and enjoying the oven could not have been possible without the help of those close to me. Every time I look out at what was built or sit eating the most incredible wood oven pizza, it’s what I cherish the most!”

James F. | Boston, MA

“Glad I have this oven. Cooking with fire and being outdoors is great. Having friends and family over and eating fantastic food from the oven is the best thing going. We’ve cooked and baked so many different things it’s incredible. Thanks, Tom” 

Thomas W. | Castro Valley, CA


“I built this outdoor kitchen/pizza oven for my wife’s 60 birthday. We used many stones from our farm property in the build. We have had great times getting the family together for pizza nights! “

George N. | Stonington, CT

“My inspiration for the oven came from when I first went to Italy my senior year of high school. When there and staying with a family as an exchange student, their relative had an outdoor pizza oven and I said to the family I stayed with that one day, when I grow up and have my own house, I too will have a pizza oven in my backyard like what I saw. Fast forward 25 years and we had one put in our backyard as I wished for back then. We also had the opportunity to go back to Italy as a family two years ago and recreated the picture next to the oven that I took in high school. 

After looking online for months and investigating different products, I was introduced to Forno Bravo and never turned back. Every Friday night now, we have pizza night and feed our family and entertain friends, including delivering pizzas in the boxes pictured on the counter to friends and neighbors who couldn’t gather during this time. So, while the pizza is incredible, the tradition and memories we’ve built and continue to create is the best part. Thank you for a wonderful product.” 

Chris M. | bLouisville, KY

“I have always wanted to have an outdoor pizza oven. My mom came from Italy and always talked about how she baked bread in an outdoor oven. When I discovered about your kit I was sold. My wife, my two boys and I built an outdoor barbecue area along with the Forno Bravo pizza oven kit. The thing I like the most about my oven is that it’s a great addition to the back yard and it’s a great way to make delicious pizzas and breads. Friends love to come over and have wood fired pizza. Having an outdoor wood fired pizza oven adds a whole new dimension to outdoor cooking.”

Julian R. | Pleasanton, CA

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