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Gluten-Free Flour

Caputo gluten-free flour is a leading product for one of the fastest growing trends – a gluten free diet. Many health-conscious consumers are choosing a gluten free lifestyle. This growth, due in large part to the increase in celiac disease diagnoses, is gaining popularity throughout the world.  

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder triggered by the consumption of gluten that leads to damage in the small intestine of genetically susceptible people. There is no medication available at this time. Doctors recommend a gluten free diet for this disorder. The increasing number of celiac patients, gluten intolerants and health conscious people has increased the demand for gluten-free products.

The demand for new gluten-free products is increasing. Forno Bravo is pleased to offer gluten free flour from Caputo, the Flour of Naples.

For generations, Caputo has been a leading choice among the best pizza makers in Naples, the birthplace of pizza and its signature Neapolitan style. Now for those who pursue high-performance flour without the Gluten, Caputo has created Caputo Gluten Free.

This product is crafted by the masters in Naples using only pure, top quality natural starches and gluten-free flour, blended precisely for superior performance.

Caputo Gluten Free is

  • Additive free, simply made from a proprietary blend of natural starches and soy flour
  • The result or years of research and development by the masters of pizza in Naples
  • Milled slowly for optimal water absorption and superior yield
  • Adaptable to a wide range of uses including gluten-free pizza, breads, pasta and baked goods

Caputo Gluten Free is endorsed by Chef Lea Bergen, a Forno Bravo Community Cookbook contributor. Check out Chef Lea’s video recipe using Caputo’s gluten free flour.

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