Outdoor Fireplace Kit

Forno Bravo manufactures its outdoor fireplace kits for your outdoor living space.

Our high-tech refractory outdoor fireplace kit is easy to assemble, provides an authentic firebrick interior, and can be finished in any non-combustible material including stucco, brick, or stone.  This modular design offers a number of advantages over both a site-built brick and mortar fireplace and a metal firebox.

The Calore2G series backyard fireplace is made using Forno Bravo’s innovative “CLIC” design which stands for Complete, Lightweight, Interlocking Components. Each lightweight fireplace component has interlocking joints that take the guesswork out of the assembly. Installation doesn’t require any specialized design or construction skills, and the outdoor fireplace kit can be assembled in far less time than it takes to build a custom, site-built, brick and mortar fireplace – at a fraction of the cost.

Unlike a metal outdoor fireplace insert, Forno Bravo fireplaces use real firebricks to line the firebox adding an authentic look, enhanced performance that will last many years, and will never rust.

All fireplace components are constructed using a high-tech, insulating, refractory composite that is both lightweight and heat resistant to 2,600° Fahrenheit.  The fireplace stays cool on the outer wall, while reflecting heat out through the firebox opening.  The firebox features an angled back wall designed for optimal heat reflection, and an angled throat and smoke shelf for optimal airflow.

Every Forno Bravo refractory fireplace kit is made in our Salinas, California facility. We control every aspect of the manufacturing process down to the granule component level.


calore2g outdoor fireplace kit

Calore2G outdoor fireplace installation



outdoor fireplace kit with pizza oven

Calore2G fireplace with Casa2G pizza oven

Calore2G Outdoor Fireplace Kit

The Forno Bravo Calore2G fireplace kit features our “CLIC” design allowing easy assembly with interlocking joints, reducing the skill and cost of installing a custom designed fireplace.  Available in four sizes, the Calore stone outdoor fireplace kit fits virtually any outdoor living space need.

The Calore2G backyard fireplace kit provides everything you need to install a fireplace customized to fit your outdoor living space.

  • Complete fireplace structure rated to 2,600° Fahrenheit;
  • Four firebox sizes: 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48”;
  • Firebox is lined with real firebrick for optimal performance;
  • Integral refractory vent and chimney;
  • High-temperature refractory mortar;
  • Optional firebrick splits for firebox;
  • Approximately 1,650 – 2,550 Lbs complete (fireplace and chimney,) depending on model size.

Available for purchase through our online store or call us at 800-407-5119 during regular business hours.

Read more about our Calore2G outdoor fireplace kit or download the Calore2G datasheet PDF.  

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