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Bread Baking Time

The time it takes for your breads to be fully baked is another area for experimentation, based on your oven’s quirks and characteristics. Although suggested bake times and hearth temperatures are listed in individual recipes, the general rule of thumb is: the time listed for baking in a home oven recipe should be cut in half for a brick oven.

At a hearth temperature of around 550°F, our one kilogram (2 lb) round hearth bread takes twenty-two minutes to bake to an internal temperature above 205° F, while our 500 gram (1 lb) baguette takes twelve minutes to reach the same figure. This is roughly half the time it would take in a 500°F home oven. Using a digital timer here is highly recommended.

Virtually any bread recipe can be adapted for wood fired baking in your brick oven, using this general rule.


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