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Wood-Fired Temperature Scale

The following scale shows the different wood-fired pizza oven temperature levels you will find in your Forno Bravo oven, how to test for temperature, and the types of food you cook at the different levels.

 Centigrade   Fahrenheit   Mississippi’s   Description Type of Cooking
70C 160F Many Very cool Keep food warm without drying out
90-120C 200-250F Many Cool Slow roast meats, beans and stews
150-175C 300-350F 6 to 7 Warm Desserts, scones
200-230C 400-450F 4 to 5 Moderately hot General baking, enriched breads
260-290C 500-550F 2 to 3 Hot Roasting, focaccia, hearth breads
320-350C 600-650F 1 Very hot Fast cooking vegetables, baguettes, tapas
370C+ 700F+ 0 Pizza hot Pizza, fast cooking tapas

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