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Installation Overview

Pizza Oven Installation - Assembled Oven

Assembled oven

Pizza Oven Installation - Insulation

Insulated oven

Pizza Oven Installation - Stucco Coat

Insulated oven

The Firenze Concept Oven is a traditional prefabricated oven installation project. We selected a Casa90 for the project because it gives a good balance of internal cooking size with manageable exterior dimension.

On a practical note, I needed to be able to move the oven and much of the installation material in a single trip in a VW Passat station wagon. It all fit very nicely. I had helped setting the oven pieces in the car and was able to unload the entire oven and materials by myself at our home. I required assistance setting the two dome pieces but did the rest of the project without any help.

The project did not require any specific skills, other than a willingness to work with concrete blocks, wire and wet concrete.

These pages are divided into five sections:

Hearth and stand

Oven and vent assembly

Blanket and vermiculite insulation

First stucco coat

Decorative arch

Final stucco coat

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