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Manage your Wood Fired Oven

Firing your oven is easy, and the Forno Bravo ovens heat up quickly for the weekend and after work entertaining. They also do an excellent job of retaining their heat for baking bread, roasting, and cooking soups and stews. With different types of cookware, you can easily achieve a range of cooking effects. With just a little practice, you can quickly learn to fire and manage your Forno Bravo wood-fired oven.

We can help you become an expert at managing your fire and oven temperature. This section of will help you start your first fire, and help you keep your oven running at its best. For a visual look at how your Forno Bravo pizza oven holds and retains heat during firing and cooking, take a look at the Hold Heat graphic and the see how your Forno Bravo oven cooks, read our How Your Oven Works page.

You can also read our Pizza Peel pages to understand how to best use your oven tools; and/or the Pizza Oven Cooking Techniques page to understand the different styles of wood fired cooking.

Check out our Temperature Scale page to see the different temperature levels your oven can reach.

Getting Started

First, make sure that you cure your oven by lighting a succession of five (5) increasingly longer and hotter fires. Curing your oven correctly is essential, so take a minute to read our Oven Curing page

Also, before you start cooking, pause to visualize how your oven works. Your goal in firing your oven is to transfer and store enough heat in your oven’s cooking surface and oven dome to achieve a balanced cooking environment that takes advantage of conductive heat from the cooking surface, reflective heat from the dome, and convective heat from the hot air circulating through the oven.

It’s time to fire your oven.


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