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Cast Iron Tuscan Grill

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Unveiling our Cast Iron Tuscan Grill—a culinary marvel boasting a generous 196 sq. in cooking surface. Grill steaks, chops, veggies, and beyond with ease. Whether you’re serving up a feast or exploring culinary creations, its ample size caters to your every cooking need, all while seamlessly fitting into your Forno Bravo oven. Elevate your grilling experience with the perfect blend of functionality and versatility!


  • Has a 14″ x 14″ cooking surface.
  • Removable screw-on legs for easy storage.
  • The legs are measured at 3.9″ with a total height of 4.5″.
  • Great for grilling steaks and vegetables in a Forno Bravo oven.

Instructions for Use – Overview:

  1. Assemble the grill by screwing each of the legs onto the unit.
  2. Make a fire using 2 to 4 logs. Wait for them to burn down to hot, glowing embers, then carefully center the coals on the oven’s cooking floor. Note: Never cook on your Tuscan Grill over leaping flames!
  3. Place the grill over the embers to pre-heat.
  4. Carefully, place your ingredients on the grill with tongs, a pizza peel, or other heat-safe utensils. We highly recommend wearing heat-proof mitts or gloves when working with a Tuscan Grill, as the metal can be extremely hot.
  5. Note: Ember temperatures can vary. Carefully test any meat with an internal cooking thermometer instead of relying on specific cooking times, and do keep a close eye on fruits and vegetables to prevent burning (they will cook quickly!)

Tuscan Grill in Action



Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 6 in
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