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Oven Chimney

Oven Construction Overview

Connect your chimney system prior to insulating, as you will insulate the chimney section inside your oven housing.

For outdoor brick oven construction, you can use either a Simpson double-wall sectional chimney system or terra cotta chimney pieces. For indoor sections, you should use a Simpson triple wall, grease-sealed sectional chimney system approved for internal use. Check with you local building codes.

The following table outlines the internal diameter of the pizza oven chimney for the different sizes:

  Oven Size   Chimney Diameter
32″ – 36″ 8″
40″+ 10″

You are ready for the next step: building your Oven insulation.

Or, go to the Table of Contents for an overview of what is coming up.

pompeii wood fired pizza oven

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