Baking Up a Storm with a Napoli120 and Lorenzo’s Pizza Truck

Oven Type: Commercial
Kit or Fully Assembled: Assembled
Oven Series: Napoli

“I have four Forno Bravo ovens. Two for home, and I use two on trucks that I cater out of.

I have been in the pizza business for 38 years. I decided I wanted a wood oven and looked at the Primavera 70. I told my wife about my idea, and she thought I was crazy. Working long hours in the business, she thought I would never use it. Turns out, she was wrong. I became obsessed with making Neapolitan pizza. Especially the perfect Pizza Margherita.

Today, along with my pizza restaurant, Lorenzos, in Oberlin, Ohio, I run two pizza trucks. I try to stay busy all summer long.

I am inspired by Roberto of Keste’ NYC. His was the first Neapolitan pizza I tasted. Also, Il Pizzaiolo in Pittsburgh, who was a pioneer in Neapolitan pizza. Ron M. (the owner,) was very open with his methods.

My wife and I wanted to experience Neapolitan pizza from its origin, so we made a trip to Naples, Italy. We were able to spend a day with Antimo Caputo, who gave us a history lesson on Neapolitan pizza. We also ate at several pizzerias. All were very good!!!

Forno Bravo ovens have served me well. Over the course of the year, my two ovens bake 9,000 pizzas. My older oven is going on 6 years and still going strong!!!!”

Owner: Larry C – Lorenzo’s Pizzeria

Oven: Napoli 120 (Mobile) + Primavera70 & Giardino70 Kit (Home)

Location: Oberlin, OH

Restaurant/Catering Website: Lorenzo’s Pizzeria and Lorenzo’s Pizza Truck

Forno Bravo pizza oven collage

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