Outdoor pizza oven for winter

Our sales staff get many calls asking if a Forno Bravo outdoor pizza oven can be used in the winter; or “We live in a cold and wet climate, how can I protect my wood fired oven for the winter?” or “If I use my pizza oven when it is below freezing, will I damage it?”

To answer these questions, we have put together this gallery showing how Forno Bravo pizza ovens perform in the winter climates of the Midwest, Northeast, and Canada.

As you can see, not only will your Forno Bravo pizza oven perform well in the cold, it is also safe to use in the winter. Your family can get in the Holiday spirits with some roasted chestnuts from the Forno Bravo Community Cookbook.

So, YES!! You can enjoy a Forno Bravo outdoor pizza oven year round. The only limiting aspect of winter use is the owner’s willingness to stand outside to light it! Once the fire is going, it is quite warm in front of it. The same premium insulation that keeps the heat in, is also very effective in keeping the cold out, protecting the dome and floor. In below-zero conditions, fire your oven a little more slowly to give it more time to warm up. Our cold weather customers also tell us to watch for wind– a cold, blowing wind across the mouth or flue can reduce your oven’s internal temperatures. You can still use it just fine, but you may need to adjust your fuel volume and cook times and be willing to experiment.

However, do keep the interior of the oven dry and free of snow or ice.  Always place the oven door tightly across the oven opening, and place the terracotta or steel cap on top of the chimney. Moisture in the oven will seep into the cooking surface, and when fired, the water will release as excessive steam in the pizza oven.  This can lead to a process known as “spalling” — and can cause pitting and hairline cracks over time.

On a more technical note, we do sell pizza oven covers for the Primavera and Napolino wood fired ovens.  These will cover your oven and protect the wood underneath.

Happy Winter Cooking!

Man in front of pizza oven buried in 12 feet of snow
Man in front of a Bella Medio28 Wood Burning Oven In a Foot of Snow
Side view of man with short sleeves and a pizza peel turning pizza in a Primavera oven on a covered patio with snow on the grill next to him
Smiling man in knit sweater holding a glass of beer in front of a burning cream-colored Primavera pizza oven
Pompeii DIY Brick Oven Winter Photo Grand Island NY
outdoor pizza oven winter snow
Pompeii DIY Brick Oven - Winter Photo - Ovem Maine
Casa Home Pizza Oven Winter Photo USA 3
Premio pizza oven with rock facade outdoors
Pompeii DIY Brick Oven Lake Country BC Canada

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