2018 Winter/Spring Photo Contest

The 2018 Winter/Spring Photo Contest was a success! Alexandra and Dave Weber took home top honors, but they had tough competition. We kept the rules very open-ended and were pleased with the diversity of ovens, types of food, and weather conditions represented by the entries. Thank you so much to everyone who participated.

We were impressed with the quality of craftsmanship on display in some of the oven enclosures and integrated outdoor kitchens. These owners and installers really took pizza oven enclosure design to a new level– for both the kit models and the hand-built Pompeii brick ovens. The fully assembled units also integrated into the outdoor spaces very well; you could tell that our owners use the heck out of their ovens, even in snow and -20°F!

…And the food! From classic Vera Pizza Neopolitano to beautifully crafted sourdough bread,  Flambé Coq au Vin to a 28 lbs Pink Grouper (yikes!)– our home chefs bake some truly amazing creations!

So, scroll through the images below and enjoy this sampling of their submissions as much as we did!

Red brick enclosed Casa 90 Pizza Oven with green wreath and red bow on front - Snow falling - small evergreen next to it
Tan Stucco and Grey Rock-Faced Pompeii Pizza Oven and Prep Counter on a Serbian Hillside in the Woods
Stone enclosed Artigiano brick pizza oven with fire burning
Casa110 Pizza Oven Build - Stone Exterior - Copper Roof - Axe
Black Metal Firepit in Foreground - Stone Enclosed Casa 110 Pizza Oven with Fire Burning and Metal Doors Open in the Background
View of Side and Rear of a Casa110 Pizza Oven in the Craftsman Style - Stone Enclosure - Copper Roof - Cedar Door - Aspen Tree in Foreground
Pompeii Pizza Oven buried in deep snow with a steps dug to it
Man in front of pizza oven buried in 12 feet of snow
Glass Tiles on Pompeii 42" Wood Fired Pizza Oven
Fused glass tiles on custom pizza oven
Man in front of a Bella Medio28 Wood Burning Oven In a Foot of Snow
Covered, Open Air Putdoor Kitchen Anchored with a Casa110 Pizza Oven in the Corner with a Fire Burning at Sunset
Front of Casa90 pizza oven with wood fire and pizza inside
New Casa90 Pizza Oven Build with Cream--Colored Cinder Block Exterior with Grey Concrete Hearth, Top, and Attached Prep Table
Grey stone faced outdoor kitchen with pizza oven - fireplace - prep area - picnic table

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