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Terracotta Pottery


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Beautiful craftsmanship

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Forno Bravo imports a family of wonderful and unique handmade Italian terracotta pottery crafted by artisans at a historic family-owned workshop in Impruneta, located just south of Florence in the Tuscan countryside

Impruneta Terracotta is unique in the world. Benefiting from the geological characteristics of the local soil and chemical characteristics of the clay, along with a 3,000 year-old heritage, traditional production and firing methods, and great artistic skill, Forno Bravo’s Impruneta Terracotta is at once warm and alluring, yet tough and durable. Your investment in Impruneta Terracotta will last for generations.

Home to the great workshops of Donatello, Brunelleschi, Andrea del Verrocchio and Della Robbia, Impruneta is a special place. We are fortunate to have lived in Impruneta for a number of years in an older home that features a large number of Impruneta pots and urns, each over 60 years old and still looking wonderful. We are pleased to be able to share this experience with you, and to make it easy for you to enjoy this special product.

We hope you enjoy the process of learning about Impruneta Terracotta as much as we have, and that you enjoy having these wonderful pieces of pottery in your garden.

Read our Impruneta Terracotta History pages to learn more about the location, its history, and the traditional wood-burning kilns. Or you can read our Artisan Production pages to see how these great pots, vases and urns are made — by hand.

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