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How Many to Feed

Selecting the Right Size of Pizza Oven

If you’ve decided you’d like to purchase a wood-fired pizza oven for your home, one thing is for sure we promise you won’t be disappointed! How do you go about selecting the right size of pizza oven for your needs?

First and foremost, consider the space in your home or your backyard; what do you have room for and do you have a specific budget in mind?

Review our guide below for an understanding in regards to oven size, heating time and capacity. It’s important to realize that our smaller ovens aren’t considered “beginners”; each of our pizza ovens offers distinct features and benefits, and while pizza oven sizes vary, it does not mean the quality of your pizza will vary. You’ll notice amazing results with each of our unique pizza ovens.

How often do you predict you’ll be using the pizza oven? This is an important question to ask yourself prior to selecting one. Is your family makeup small or large? Do you plan to, or do you typically host family gatherings or special parties? Our larger pizza ovens can prepare more pizza but they can also take longer to heat-up and of course require more space.  These are key considerations to keep in mind when selecting an ideal model; the ideal size of pizza oven really comes down to your lifestyle and needs.

Review the below table for detailed pizza oven specifications; all measurements, capacities heating times and special notes are listed.

At Forno Bravo we provide the tips you need to get the most out of your pizza oven!

Oven Size Cooking Surface Area (sq. in.) Heat Up (min) Pizzas (10″) Notes
 60  24″ x 29″  527  20  1
 70  28″ x 33″  690  25  2
 80  32″ x 40″  775  40  2
 90  36″ x 44″  1116  45  3
 100  40″ x 48″  1240  50  5 Premio adds 10 minutes to heat up time
 110  44″ x 52″  1472  55  6 Premio adds 10 minutes to heat up time
 120  48″ x 56″  1705  75  7


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