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10 Reasons to Buy a Primavera Beehive Oven

1. I want a wood-fired oven, but I don’t have space for a larger Forno Bravo oven.

That’s why we designed the Forno Bravo Primavera oven. For years, our goal at Forno Bravo has been to significantly expand the size of the wood oven market outside of Italy. While wood ovens are very common there, they are only now catching on in the U.S., UK, and other countries outside of the Mediterranean.

One thing that holds back many potential wood fired chefs is that they just don’t have space for a larger, site-assembled oven kit.

The Primavera oven is only 37.5″ wide. That is only a little larger than a typical kettle BBQ and smaller than many propane grills.

2. I want to bake authentic Vera Pizza Napoletana.

There is only one way to make Vera Pizza Napoletana, and that is with a hot, wood fired oven. The Primavera oven easily reaches the 750ºF+ temperature you need to bake 90-second Italian pizza, and it is large enough for a fire-in-the-oven and your pizza. You will get the beautiful char marks, puffy cornicione, crispy crust, and the slightly smoky flavor that characterizes real Italian pizza. Have you had pizza in Naples? You can bake that pizza in the Primavera oven.

To learn more, check out the Forno Bravo Wood Fired Pizza eBook.

3. I want to try it all, and learn wood-fired roasting, baking, and grilling.

Wood fired cooking is a blast, and you can make a virtually unlimited range of dishes. You can bake moist roasts, grill chicken, steaks, and fish, and make fabulous side dishes and desserts — each with a special flavor and texture that you can only produce with a wood oven.

The Primavera oven is a real Italian-style wood oven. It has a cooking chamber and landing area that can be separated with a free-standing door — giving you different cooking temperatures and the flexibility to prepare different dishes in different spots. You can bake at high heat with a live fire, you can roast, you can grill over hot coals, and you can remove the fire from the oven and cook with retained heat. The Primavera oven does it all.

To learn more, check out the Forno Bravo Wood Fired Cooking eBook.

4. I bake a lot of bread, and I want to use a wood oven to make great hearth bread.

If you have been baking bread in a conventional oven for years and have tried everything to create steam for that perfect crust — but it just doesn’t work, you are not alone. No matter how hard you try, nothing compares to baking bread in a real wood oven. The Primavera oven naturally creates steam and a moist baking environment, exactly the same as the wood ovens in the most famous bakeries around the world.

The Primavera oven is large enough to bake more bread than you and family could ever eat. If you are a serious baker, you will love this oven.

To learn more, check out the Forno Bravo Wood Fired Hearth Bread eBook.

5. I want to use my oven a lot, so I need the oven to heat up really fast.

One of the advantages of the Primavera oven’s smaller size is that it really heats up fast — in as little as 20 minutes. Not that much longer than traditional charcoal. You can fire it when you come home from work, and the oven will be ready before you have had time to prepare your food.

6. I have seen Italian wood ovens (in the U.S. and/or Italy), and I want a real oven.

We could not agree with you more. The Primavera is a real Italian-style oven. It is structurally the same as our $15,000 Modena Series commercial pizza ovens and includes the domed cooking chamber, the oven landing, door, vent, and chimney. Each of these elements is essential for proper operation, including heat-up, air flow, smoke extraction, heat retention, and cooking.

Some small ovens do not have an oven landing, vent, and chimney, and we think these shortcomings seriously compromise how the oven works, as well as detracting from the cooking experience.

7. I want to cook entire meals in my wood oven.

Definitely. The Primavera60 oven has a 24″ cooking floor, which is 20% larger than other small ovens. That extra cooking space is very important when you are juggling multiple roasting pans, while baking meats, potatoes, and vegetables for dinner or for entertaining friends. (Need more space? The Primavera70 comes with a 28″ cooking floor for even more room!)

8. I want my wood oven to look authentic and make a nice visual statement.

The Primavera oven looks like a real Italian oven. It traditionally comes completely finished with a warm, Mediterranean-yellow color and brown glaze, and a terracotta chimney. We also offer it in a rustic red color, and 5 additional standard colors, or even a custom color of your choosing. We like the way it looks in any color, and we hope you do as well. It can become the centerpiece of your outdoor entertaining area.

9. I’m not a builder and I don’t want to use any tools to set this up.

That’s fair. The Primavera oven is fully assembled and you do not need any tools or equipment to set it up. It comes ready to place straight out of the crate! The oven is heavy, and you will need a simple pallet jack, engine lift, or lots of manpower to move it into place, but no tools!

10. We are going to move and I want to take my oven with me.

Perfect. All you have to do is wrap the oven for protection and set the Primavera oven on the moving truck. Again, it is heavy and you need manpower, but you can definitely take your favorite outdoor oven to your new home.

11. I want to leave my oven outside all year.

Our Top 10 list goes to 11. The Primavera oven is fully weatherproof and can be left outside. You need to take care to ensure that the door covers the oven opening and that no water goes down the chimney, but other than that, you can leave it outside when you are not using it, and it will be waiting and ready to go for your next pizza party or dinner gathering.

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