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This pizza oven forum is a place to engage with an incredible community of pizza oven enthusiasts. We are builders, tinkerers, chefs, artisans, learners, educators, and just plain “good folk” here to help each other out along the journey to wood fired cooking enjoyment.

With over 26,000 pages of content, the Forno Bravo Forum holds a wealth of knowledge. It’s a treasure trove of information and conversation. So dig in, explore, and contribute your questions and insights; share advice, support, photos, recipes, frustrations, and excitement!

There are only a few guidelines:

  1. We are an inclusive group. This forum is open to folks with any type of pizza oven, brick oven or pizza stone, or an interest in having one! We hail from all over the world and all walks of life.
  2. We’re here to enjoy wood fired oven installation and cooking. Please be polite and generous with your knowledge, in keeping with the tone of this group.
  3. We appreciate our volunteer moderators and fellow contributors, and abide by the terms of service for the forum.

That’s it. Build, cook and be happy.

Welcome to the conversation.


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