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Wood Fired Recipes Community Cookbook

Brad English

Brad English is a producer based out of Los Angeles, CA. He has been in the business for over 24 years working on a wide range of projects that have taken him all over the country and to many parts of the globe. He loves to travel and cook for his friends and family. He discovered Peter Reinhart one day while searching the internet to find a way to make a better pizza crust and bought Peter’s book: “American Pie, My Search for the Perfect Pizza”. “As I read the opening section of the book called, “The Hunt,” I knew right away that this had to be a show. I was actually jealous as I read about Peter traveling around the world going to all these amazing pizzerias and getting behind the scenes with the pizzaiolos!” Within a few days he had contacted his friend, fellow producer, and fierce Competitive Restaurant Ordering rival, Jeff Michael. They contacted Peter to see if he was interested in taking this show on the road. The Quest had begun.

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