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Posted By pizza_bob [Profile] [Photo Gallery]
Category Dome and Floor
Title Heat Flow Analysis
Description I have been wanting to perform a heat transfer study of a Pompeii style oven. I hear everyone talk about how their ovens draw so well and others talk about how they wish their flue was larger after the smoke coming out of the front of the oven discolored their bricks. I'm an engineer and driven to things like this for some unknown reason...

I created this electronic CAD model of a 42" oven and applied some boundary conditions to it. The boundary conditions were:
1) A 30" diameter region in the center of the floor that represents a 900 degrees F heat source (a.k.a - fire).
2) An ambient temperature of 72 degrees at the oven entrance
3) An ambient temperature of 72 degrees at the top of the flue
4) The flue is rectangular - 14" x 8"

I didn't include radiation in the study because it is so unpredictable and creates long computer run times. The conduction and convection effects are not manipulated in any way! The vector arrows in the diagram display direction of flow and their color displays the temperature based on the legend on the side of the images. It's so cool to see the cooler air flow in from the front of the oven and follow along the floor because of it's lower temperature than the rair above it. This flow then continues into the hot zone, gets heated and flows to the back of the oven and then up to the top of the dome. Then the hot flow comes along the top of the dome and with the colder flow below it goes up the flue! Notice some flow or smoke trickles out the front and this analysis can be utilized to optimize the oven geometries to minimize the flow out the front.

I can build off of this analysis to include insulation around and under the dome. This would allow me to input different R-values for insulation to determine an optimal thickness to minimize losses. There are so many things that can be done with this tool. It can also measure pressures and flow rate of the heated/cooled air. I kinda wish I did this before I got so far into my build but it's still really interesting to visually see the behaviors of the oven that everyone explains.

I uploaded a four page PDF that shows the oven, the spot where the fire/heat is applied and then two more pictures that show the flow. Check out how the flow is layered coming in and out of the oven and going up the flue - too cool!
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Date Posted 06-09-2010 06:08 PM
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