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Pizza Quest with Peter Reinhart

Webisode Intro #1: Pizza and Obsession

Hi everyone, I’m Peter Reinhart, your Pizza Quest guide, and this is our first ever webisode. We’re going to leave this opening segment on the front page for all newcomers to the site, but please feel free to navigate over to the Webisode page if you really want to catch up on all the webisode segments. We’ll continue posting additional webisodes that will take us to some of the stops…Read More…

It’s The Real Thing, by John Arena

Note from Peter: Here is the first of what we hope will be many new guest columns from John Arena. If you haven’t already seen the interview piece we did with him a few weeks ago, scroll down and catch up. In this column he addresses, in his inimical way, the matter of authenticity. I have a feeling this isn’t the last time he’ll have something to say on the…Read More…

Peppe Miele, Part 5, The Oven

We continue our exploration of Vera Pizza Napoletana with our Naples guru Peppe Miele. In this installment we turn to the wood-fired oven that is absolutely essential if you want to get certified as a real deal, verace pizza guy. It’s hard to believe, but important to recall, that only a few years ago in the United States a wood-fired oven siting was a rare and exciting discovery. Little by…Read More…

John Arena Has Entered the Building

Note from Peter:  I’m happy to announce that John Arena, founder of Metro Pizza in Las Vegas, and one of America’s most beloved pizzaiolos, is returning as a regular columnist here on PizzaQuest. His first official Guest Column will run in December. Many of you have read John’s informative and engaging posts during the past few years, in which he explores his interest in the history and artistry of pizza,…Read More…

Forno Bravo Expo, Day One, Part One

On Friday September 18th, 2015, still buzzing from an extraordinary day of filming with Anthony Magieri at Una Pizza Napoletana, our Pizza Quest crew reassembled at Talbott Vineyards in the hill country just outside of Salinas (“Tortilla Flats” country for you Steinbeck fans), the host site for the Forno Bravo Expo. In the past, Forno Bravo has held similar gatherings but this was my first time and also the most…Read More…

Brad’s Corner: Pickled Charred Chili Peppers!

Written By Brad English
Monday, 26 October 2015 Recipes | Written Recipes

What do you do when life gives you lemons? Well, of course, we all know you make lemonade! Recently, life delivered a volunteer jalapeño plant in a section of my yard that shouldn’t have been growing anything because my sprinklers are on the fritz and we’re in the middle of a drought here on the West Coast. A few weeks later, while the fire in my Primavera wood-fired oven was…Read More…

Peppe Miele, Part 4, Dough Fermentation

Peppe Miele, our Virgil of the Vera Pizza Napoletana universe, continues his guided tour in this segment, turning his attention to one of my favorite subjects, dough fermentation. We receive a lot of e-mails asking about how long dough should be fermented before making the pizzas, and the answers are nearly infinite and weighted with lots of theories and opinions. But Peppe cuts right to the chase as to the…Read More…

A Weekend to Remember

Okay, this is going to take a few posts to do it right, so let me start here and carry on over the next few weeks: On the morning of September 17th, 2015 the Pizza Quest film team, who all converged from a number of different locations, met up at 9 AM in San Francisco for the first of four days of filming. We met at the front door of…Read More…

Peppe Miele, Part 3, Flour

In this short segment we discuss with Peppe the use of Italian -00- (Double Zero) flour, which he defines as a balance between the fineness of the grind (ground very fine and, in my words, extracted from the pure endosperm with all the fiber sifted out) and the protein content (he doesn’t specify the amount but it’s probably between 10%-11.5%).  An important take-away form this conversation is the ideal fermentation…Read More…

Forno Bravo Expo — Wow!

Written By Peter Reinhart
Wednesday, 23 September 2015 Peter's Blog | Uncategorized

Hi Everyone, I just got back from an amazing weekend at the Forno Bravo Expo, in Salinas, California (near Monterey) where we did demo’s, filmed hours of new material for Pizza Quest, and met a lot of great people, many who already own WFO’s (Wood-Fired Ovens), and even Fire Within ovens on wheels.  I’m still unpacking, so will write a longer post, with photos, in a few days after I…Read More…

Peppe Miele, Part 2, San Marzano Tomatoes

Welcome Back! We have 10 webisodes in this interview series with Peppe Miele, so we’ll be covering a lot in the coming weeks. In this segment, Peppe explains a little more about the Vera Pizza Napoletana school of thought, focusing on the famous tomatoes from San Marzano. As you will see, the sauce made from these tomatoes is beautiful (and it tastes as good as it looks, with a fresh,…Read More…

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