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Pizza Quest with Peter Reinhart

Webisode Intro #1: Pizza and Obsession

Hi everyone, I’m Peter Reinhart, your Pizza Quest guide, and this is our first ever webisode. We’re going to leave this opening segment on the front page for all newcomers to the site, but please feel free to navigate over to the Webisode page if you really want to catch up on all the webisode segments. We’ll continue posting additional webisodes that will take us to some of the stops…Read More…

Peppe Miele, Part 8, Calzone

I often say that pizza is just dough with something on it. But, when you think about it, it can also be dough with something in it (which means, a nicely made grilled cheese sandwich is a kind of pizza too!). In this week’s segment, Peppe shows us how easy it is to use pizza dough to make a classic calzone filled with salumi, ricotta and mozzarella (with a dash…Read More…

It’s So Obvious…Or Is It?

Written By John Arena
Monday, 01 February 2016 Guest Columns

Note from Peter:  I recently had the great honor of spending two full days in NYC with John Arena and a host of other pizza luminaries at the World Pizza Summit and Caputo Cup Championships. I was going to blog about it but John did such a great job that I am ceding the floor to him here. Weeks later, and I’m still digesting all the great pizzas and other…Read More…

The Marinara “Redondo” Pizza

In my house it’s only my son, Owen, and I who love seafood. When making pizzas for the family I usually make one for us – something that is “our” pizza. One of my favorites to make is just starting with a nice simple marinara with great tomatoes, thinly sliced garlic and some oregano and olive oil as the base and add whatever seafood I’ve picked up. The marinara is…Read More…

Why Am I Obsessed with Pizza?

Written By Scott Wiener
Monday, 18 January 2016 Guest Columns

Note from Peter: I want to welcome our newest Guest Columnist, Scott Wiener, noted pizza-freak and founder of Scott’s Pizza Tours in NYC, where he has taken over 37,000 fellow pizza-freaks to the finest pizzerias in New York City, both on foot and by bus.  He has also written a terrific book, Viva la Pizza: The Art of the Pizza Box, in which he chronicles his Guinness World Record collection…Read More…

Peppe Miele, Part 7, Marinara Pizza

In bread baking, it is the simple baguette that is held as the benchmark of a baker’s skills. A Mexican restaurant better make a killer salsa or I’m out of there. Any ice cream artiste can make fanciful flavors but it is their vanilla or chocolate that proves if they have the golden touch.  For Neapolitan pizzas, it is the Margherita, for sure, but also the lesser known (in the…Read More…

Peter’s Blog: An Important New Book

Happy New Year Everyone! I want to start off 2016 by telling you all about my meeting yesterday with author Simran Sethi, who’s recently published book, “Bread, Wine, Chocolate: The Slow Loss of Foods We Love,” is destined to join the books of Michael Pollan and Dan Barber as must-reads for anyone interested in biodiversity and sustainability. Her book, loaded with important information about the fragility of our ecosystem and…Read More…

Pizza Two Ways

I make a lot of pizza. In an attempt to keep things interesting, I do a fair bit of experimenting. I’m often inspired by an ingredient I got my hands on at Whole Foods, or another local market. I was lucky enough to bring home some beautiful Prosciutto and Nduja provided by La Quercia for the Forno Bravo Wood Fired Expo back in September. With a product like this in…Read More…

Guest Column: Living the Pizza Dream

Written By John Arena
Monday, 21 December 2015 Guest Columns

Note from Peter: This month, our regular guest columnist, John Arena, continues his exploration of pizza authenticity in its broader context. As you read the description of his recent “Dream Team” experience in Naples, if you are at all like me (and many of you are), you will wish you could have been there with him. If you’d like to meet John in person, come to the Global Pizza Summit…Read More…

Global Pizza Summit

Written By Peter Reinhart
Thursday, 17 December 2015 News | Peter's Blog | Peter's Blog

Just a quick posting here to let everyone know about the Global Pizza Summit, to be held in NYC on Jan. 11th and 12th. As part of the Summit there will also be the 2nd Annual Caputo Cup Competition for both Neapolitan (wood-fired) and American-style pizzas. I’ll be heading to NYC for the Summit, as will regular guest columnist John Arena and a whole pantheon of pizza superstars, many of…Read More…

Peppe Miele, Part 6, Margherita Pizza

Welcome back to our “Master Class” series from Peppe Miele. In each of these segments we’ve learned another golden nugget of pizza wisdom and this one is no exception. For instance, he mentions (so quickly that I almost missed it) that the”official” Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN) Margherita Pizza is supposed to use a sprinkle of only Pecorino (sheep’s milk) cheese, even though most places (even his) now use mostly Parmesan….Read More…

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Pizza Quest is a site dedicated to the exploration of artisanship in all forms, wherever we find it, but especially through the literal and metaphorical image of pizza. As we share our own quest for the perfect pizza we invite all of you to join us and share your journeys too. We have discovered that you never know what engaging roads and side paths will reveal themselves on this quest, but we do know that there are many kindred spirits out there, passionate artisans, doing all sorts of amazing things. These are the stories we want to discover, and we invite you to jump on the proverbial bus and join us on this, our never ending pizza quest.

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