User Comments on Caputo Tipo 00 Flour

"This is the best flour for pizza by far -- hands down. It makes all the difference in the world."

Scott, North Carolina. While ordering his second supply of Caputo Pizza Flour

"... and what to my surprise, he [Peter Reinhart] had made dough balls for us the day before using Caputo flour. I couldn't help but notice the 50 lb bag behind him as he presented his pizza making art. We got to make two pizza's each during the class and I made both with the Caputo flour balls he had prepared. So, I was able to save the flour from my recent shipment from you. [The class] was extremely energetic, informative and he definitely delivered the flavor. Again thanks for your help in getting us the flour before the class. It looks like a 50 lb bag will be in my future. I'll be in touch."

Roy, North Carolina.

"Hi James, It was nice meeting you yesterday. I made a couple of pizzas last night with the new flour and --- WOW! My wife was blown away, as was I. You can really taste, feel, smell the difference with that flour."

Eric, San Francisco,California.

"We made our first pizzas last night and the flour was perfect. The pizza crust was excellent."

Diana, Colorado. While ordering more ten more bags of flour.

"It's not just that the pizza is so much better, which it is, but more, it is so much easier to throw a great pizza. The dough is so much nicer to work with.

Donnatella, Healdsburg, California (via Modena).

"We switched to Caputo flour a few years ago, and it made all the difference in the world. It was like night and day. We have business executives from the northeast down here for meetings with Walmart, and they know good pizza. Our customers could tell."

Ron, Arkansas.

"We had a party and did a blind tasting the other night, and the pizzas made with the Caputo flour easily won."

Carl, Monterey, California., when placing a new order.