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Written By Peter Reinhart
Saturday, 11 December 2010 Peter's Blog

Hi Again,

This is the place where I’ll be posting some commentary and thoughts of my own, separate from the webisodes and instructional sections. It is also a way for you to link over to my personal blog, where I write about all sorts of things not related to Pizza Quest. That site is at

But on this Pizza Quest blog I’ll share things related to our search for the perfect pizza and also any other thoughts that relate to the themes of Pizza Quest: artisanship, the search for quality and meaning, and various aspects of self-discovery through the metaphor of pizza.

For now, I want to refer you over to another section of the site called Guest Columns. I wrote the first column, but in the future I will serve as the editor for that section, featuring some hand-picked contributors that all speak to the question, “This is what I’ve been thinking about lately.” You’ll see more details when you click over to that section, and I invite you to respond to the essays with thoughts of your own–we’d love to get a conversation going with our Pizza Quest friends and members.  Membership is the key if you want to join the conversation, but it’s easy and it’s free and we promise not to do anything with your name, like sharing it with other sites. It’s just a way for us to know who’s “on the bus” with us. We hope to post a new guest column every week, or as often as we can.One final note before I sign off on this opening post: please explore the site and visit all the sections. We’re just getting started and Pizza Quest will grow as we go. Your suggestions are always welcome; our e-address is and we’ll have the right person get back to you if you have questions or suggestions. The instructional section will grow over time to include a lot recipes and techniques, not just from me but from the experts we feature in the webisodes and, of course, there will be room for you to share your own tricks and tips. This will be an ever evolving process, so be patient with us as we grown the site. We have a lot of other ideas for the site but want to bring it along slowly and organically.

I look forward to interacting with you and seeing where this journey leads us. Onward…..




Good Morning Peter,

Glad you are up and running. Already think I will give the country pizza dough a try.

Are you going to have some pizza dough recipes in the new book?


Hi Peter, good morning.
Tried to comment a couple of days ago but the page kept asking for may name, though I was logged in.
Your site is great. I am enjoying it already.
On my side I’m working on a diabetics pizza recipe (this is kind of a contradiction by itself), any comments will be welcome and of great help.



Congratulations on the idea, the site and your work so far. Excellent work, as per usual. Looking forward to more slices from around North America.

Jim Wills



I just tried the “latest” crust recipe from [i]Cook’s Illustrated [/i] mag. Came out pretty darn good…


Thanks for teaching so many of us so much about bread!



I am really enjoying looking at your site. Looking forward to reading more and learning. I am currently using milk kefir to leaven my pizza dough, bread and bagels. It works good.


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