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Webisode: Pizzeria Bravo Part 5, Porchetta!

As we come near to the end of our webisode series with David Bravdica, owner of the wildly popular Brava Pizzeria della Strada in Denver, Colorado, I think the time has come to share with you my favorite segment. In addition to killer pizzas, which we’ve seen in previous segments as well as the final segment still to come (where David features pizza loaded with local chilies), this time we’ll get a glimpse of his other show stopper, a porchetta piada (oven roasted pork  shoulder and other goodies, filling a baked pizza dough used as a wrap).  Absolutely addictive and, frankly, there’s nothing more for me to say here except to suggest you watch this segment as soon as possible and then find a way to get this sandwich, or something along the same lines somewhere near to you.

Philadelphians, like me, have long known of the transcendent joy of Italian roast pork sandwiches, which rival the more famous Philly Cheesesteaks and, for many of us, even exceed them. Dave’s sandwich here is not quite as gushy and drippy as the one’s from South Philly at Tony Luke’s and at John’s Roast Pork, but, nevertheless, is worth the trek to his mobile oven on Denver’s 16th St. Mall and, after you finish your pizza, get one of these sandwiches to take home for dinner. Okay, I’ve said more than I intended — onward to porchetta bliss….!

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