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Webisode: Pizzeria Brava part 4, Margherita Pizza

We’re back with David Bravdica, at his Denver outdoor pizzeria, Brava Pizzeria della Strada. In previous segments he told us how he got into and built his pizza and catering business, leaving a nice job in the corporate world to do something he loves.  Feel free to check out those three previous segments in our Webisode archive if you haven’t already seen them.

This time around David shows us his version of the classic Margherita pizza. Note that, unlike the “certified” VPN version, Dave uses local flour, higher in protein than Italian 00, but otherwise he stays true to the spirit of the Naples style (and I think using local flour, even if not Italian flour, is very true to the spirit of the “official” VPN approach, just as using local tomatoes or cheese would be).  I also like his trick of using garlic infused olive oil, both before the bake and, again, when the pizza emerges from the oven.

It’s encouraging to see how a guy with an oven can be open for only 2 1/2 hours a day at lunch time (and sometimes longer when the evenings are pleasant), and build a very profitable, fulfilling business. So, for those who are wondering about doing something similar, this is one guy (and there are others) who shows how he made it happen. In future postings we’ll address some of the nuts and bolts of doing this as a business but, for now, enjoy watching how David makes it happen on the streets of Denver.

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