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Upcoming Appearances for Peter

Written By Peter Reinhart
Thursday, 18 August 2016 Peter's Blog

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give you an update on some of my upcoming classes and appearances this fall. Here are four, in order of dates:

Sept. 3rd: The Decatur Book Festival, in Decatur, GA, 4 PM, where I will be doing a short demo/talk/tasting/signing as a way of kicking off the release of my newest book, “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice 15th Anniversary Edition.”  It will be at the Cooking/Demo Stage, and here’s the link for more details on all the authors (lots of them) who will be there:  You can also navigate their site for events on the day before (a Pat Conroy tribute) and on Sunday.


The following week I will be at King Arthur Baking Center in Norwich, VT for their fall Baker’s Harvest Conference, running from Wed. Sept. 7th through Sept. 9th.  Check out their site for more details:   There will be a veritable who’s who of baking teachers there, in a beautiful setting on along the Vermont/New Hampshire border — well worth the cost if you can make it. In addition to my own presentations I’m really looking to participating in the other classes too.

On Sept. 15th I’ll be teaching a demo class from the new “Bread Baker’s Apprentice 15th Anniversary Edition,” at Southern Season in Chapel Hill, NC at 6 PM.  Here’s the link for their fall schedule of upcoming classes:

On Saturday and Sunday, October 8th and 9th, I’ll be making my first ever appearance at the Annual Fermentation Festival (Ferm Fest for short), in Reedsburg, WI. It’s actually a nine day festival, but I’ll doing three presentations on the last two days, one on sprouted breads, also a food writing workshop, and finally, the keynote presentation on Bread and Fermentation as Acts of Transformation.  Here’s a quote from their site:

Fermentation Fest – A Live Culture Convergence is an annual celebration of live culture in all its forms, from dance to yogurt, poetry to sauerkraut. Presented by Reedsburg, WI-based Wormfarm Institute, Fermentation Fest brings together farmers, chefs, artists, poets and performers in the beautiful working lands of Sauk County, WI for nine days of tastings, demonstrations, cooking classes, art events, performances, food carts and more.

Check it all out at: 

There will be more events over the next few months, but these are the biggies for now.  Feel free to spread the word and I hope to see some of you there.

May your bread always rise!



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