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Tony Makes a Traditional Italian Pizza

Written By Peter Reinhart
Thursday, 03 November 2011 Webisodes

Here’s another in the extremely informative sessions we had with Tony Gemignani at his landmark restaurant, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in North Beach, San Francisco. In this websode, Tony shows us the difference between what he calls a “traditional Italian pizza” and the Napoletana/Neapolitan pizzas he made in previous segments. I think we might also more accurately think of this as “traditional Italian-American” pizza. This style is baked in a gas fired oven, not wood, at a lower temperature (550-600 degrees) for a longer time, with different flour and, in this case, with some finishing ingredients after it emerges from the oven. In many respects, this is the type of pizza closest to what home cooks can achieve, in a regular oven, perhaps on a baking stone. Even the time frame is about the same, about 7 to 8 minutes. The dough recipe in our Instructional section for Neo-Neapolitan dough (also found in “American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza“), is closest to Tony’s, but he uses a type of Italian flour (not Caputo or San Felice Double Zero) whereas our version uses American bread flour (some folks like to use half bread and half all purpose flour for a more tender mouth feel, but I like the toothsome quality of bread flour). Regardless, you’ll get some great ideas and techniques by watching Tony put together a beautiful prosciutto/Parmesiano/arugula pizza right before our eyes. One tip, not shown on the video, is to toss the fresh arugula first in a little olive oil, salt, and lemon juice. Mangia!!


Joe A


Tony Gemigniani is with out a doubt the most knowledgeable pizza maker in the USA today! When I see a guy, talking about pizza and using artisinal baking techniques like Pate’di Fermentee (Old Dough), preferments,Sourdough Starters and rattle on about Alveograph Specs on 00 Flours…you realize that this guy has a in depth understanding of the food science/food chemistry of what he’s doing. He can likely turn out an award winning pie in any place on the planet because he has mastered the technical aspects of WHY he does things.

I have learned so much just from these video shorts….mostly because of my science background(Its what I do for a living.) and that I have a similiar approach in my everyday work…

Looking forward to more Tony G episodes!

Joe A

BTW….36 hr Rise….The Flour itself comes from Italy…But, the Wheat purchased a round trip ticket from the northern USA to Italy and returned to the USA….Milled to 00 specs, unmalted, unbleached and unbrominated.

Rick in Atlanta

Hi Peter.
I heard you mention Tony using Grande Mozzarella on this pizza. It looks they only sell to restaurants. I have looked almost everywhere in Atlanta and cannot find it. Is it possible for home pizza makers to find this cheese somewhere?
Thanks Rick, Atlanta, GA

Kelly Jamieson

🙂 Hej…what Spices would you have in this sauce? Please

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