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Pizza Talk, Tony Gemignani, Part 1

Tony Gemignani is a rock star in the pizza universe and has done so much to help elevate the quality of pizza throughout the world. I call him “The Mozart of Pizza” because he is so proficient — a master, actually — in every style. In this two part interview, he shares with us his story, drive, vision, and competitive spirit. It’s been ten years since we filmed with him, shortly after he opened Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco, and a lot has happened since then, as you will hear and see in these two sessions. I found it especially interesting to see how much Tony has moved ever deeper into the mentorship and coaching role he now embraces after having accomplished so many of his own personal goals. He is definitely a charter member in our Pizza Yodi Council. Enjoy this lively conversation, in which we just scratch the surface of Tony’s never-ending quest in pursuit of greatness. I can’t wait to continue the conversation with him in the future….


clinton ferrara

I first heard about Tony when I saw him on your video tossing pizzas out on the sidewalk.
A couple of years later I was in the bay area visiting my in-laws and I knew I had to go and visit his pizza parlor. My wife and I drove over there and walked into this place. I saw Tony and I went over to him and said you don’t know me but I know you I saw you on Peter Reinharts video and I can’t wait to taste your pizza. He took me under his wing and gave me a complete tour of his place. I think it was seven ovens he had at the time. He explained each one how it worked what it was for he was so gracious and welcoming.
We sat down and ordered a margarita, what else? In a little while Tony came back with another pizza for us on the house. He said his students and he had just created that pizza today and he wanted us to try it. It was a 20% whole wheat crust with a three cheese topping prosciutto and arugula to this day it was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had.
As soon as his book the Pizza Bible was available I bought it and have learned so much from reading it. He is truly the Mozart of pizza. Thanks for having him on Peter. It is a real treat to hear him talk about pizza.
So far the overriding theme of your show tweaking the dough is first you have to care. It is what all the yodies talk about.

    Peter Reinhart

    Thanks Clinton — what a great gift Tony gave you. Talk about memorable pizza!!! Yes, I think one of the recurring themes is this notion of caring. Thanks for pointing that out and for being part of this ever growing community (tribe) of fellow Questors.

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