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Peter’s Blog, July 21st, Upcoming Book Tour

Written By Peter Reinhart
Saturday, 21 July 2012 Peter's Blog

As promised, here are the upcoming travel dates as I hit the road for the launch of my new book, “The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking.”  I hope to meet many of you and if you are interested in any of the classes or presentations, please call the various venues for details and ticket availability.

August 15th: Draeger’s Market Cooking School, Blackhawk (Walnut Creek, Calif.): Gluten-Free class (GF from here on)

August 16th: Draeger’s Market Cooking School, San Mateo (GF)

August 17th: Draeger’s Market Cooking School, San Mateo (Artisan Breads Everyday class)

August 18th: Talk and books signing at Omnivore Books, Noe Valley, San Francisco, 3 PM

August 20th: Sur la Table, Los Gatos (GF)

August 21st: Ramekins, Sonoma, CA (GF)

August 22nd: Ramekins, Sonoma (Artisan Bread)

August 24th: Sur la Table, Santa Rosa, CA (GF)

August 25th: 2:30 PM Relish Culinary Adventures, Healdsburg, CA (GF cracker workshop)

August 25th: 5 – 6 PM, Book signing at Copperfields Books, Healdsburg, CA

September 10th: Loretta Paganini’s Cooking School, Cleveland, OH (Multi-Grain breads)

Sept. 11th: Loretta Paganini’s Cooking School (Artisan Breads)

Sept. 12th: Western Reserve Cooking School, Hudson, OH (GF)

Sept. 13th: Western Reserve Cooking School (Artisan Breads)

October 12th (evening) and 13th (morning): King Arthur Baking Center, Norwich, VT (GF workshop)

November 17th: A Southern Season, Chapel Hill, NC (GF)

There will be more to come and I’ll add them to this calendar as they do, but that’s what’s on the schedule for now. I’m working on other cities for other months but no dates set yet — I’ll post them here as they confirm.  Hope to see you there as we get to a city near you.




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