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Peters Blog, December 13th, 2011

Written By Peter Reinhart
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 Peter's Blog

Hard to believe how soon Christmas and Chanukah will be upon us. If you are like Susan and me, things start to get a little frantic around now, with too many things to get done and nowhere near the time to do so. So, as a favor to us all, we’ll be wrapping up this, our first year (yes, we actually launched on Dec. 14th of 2010 — wow, seems like the fastest year I’ve ever known), with one final Tony Gemignani video. It’s been a great thrill for us to have so much Tony footage to share with you, and this last one, which we’ll post on Thursday, finds us on a hill above the Golden Gate Bridge, looking back over the city of San Francisco, ruminating on his amazing success.  You’ve seen a snippet of this in the “Pizza As Obsession” video that we launched Pizza Quest with last year (and it’s still at the top of the Home Page for all newcomers to this site), so it’s only appropriate to bring things full circle as the year comes to an end.  During the past few months of these Tony G. videos I had a chance to visit Tony’s Pizza Napoletana again, as I blogged back in November, during the exact time that USA Today wrote him up as the best pizzeria in America. It had nothing to do with us and the webisode series — the author found Tony on his own and the timing was coincidental (if there is such a thing as a coincidence)– but we do like to consider ourselves good luck charms in these things. We were especially lucky that we ate there the night before the article came out, as Tony told me the lines were around the block, with a minimum four hour wait, the next day after the story broke.I can honestly say that we had no idea the story was coming out so, once again, the pizza gods were watching over us.

Yes, it’s been an eventful year and I’ll come back one more time before it ends, between Christmas and New Years, with an end of the year wrap up. Then, we’ll be back next year, in 2012, with all new content for you.

Of course, we do have a new recipe for you this week from Brad, as he continues to tweak his own version of the “Signature Pizza” we developed with Kelly Whitaker in September, as revealed during the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. Brad was lucky enough to get his hands on a whole keg of the fabulous beer that The Bruery made for that challenge event, the instant classic, Birra Basta, and it seems to have inspired him to keep pushing the envelope on creating matching pizzas. You’ll see his newest version on Wednesday.

So, enjoy this week’s Pizza Quest treats and I’ll be back in two weeks with our first ever year end wrap-up. I hope it will be the first of many to come. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and, throughout 2012 and beyond, may your pizzas all be perfect!



Jon in Albany

Congratulations on a year of blogging. I have been stopping by pretty much every week and have learned a lot here. Some of the webisodes and pictures have made me want to crawl into the monitor to take a bite. Enjoy the holidays and I look forward to coming along on more adventures next year.

All the best,


Hi Peter and Crew!
Happy Anniversary and Happy Holidays!
Keep up the Quest! and all of the great work involved in bringing it to all of us! I look forward to all the videos, interviews, and articles every week! And if you and the crew are ever (a bit north of) Boston bound,
I’ll spark up the oven I built in my backyard, for a great WFO pizza feed! (
All my best,
Rick M.


Thank you Rick and Jon and thanks also for your ongoing support!
Would love to hear from our other followers, including stories of your own pizza creations. If you write it up and send it along with some photos, we may be able to post it in our Instructionals section, alongside Brad’s articles and those from other frequent contributors like Teresa Greenway.

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