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Peter’s Blog, April 3, 2012, Post-IACP Conference

Written By Peter Reinhart
Wednesday, 04 April 2012 Peter's Blog

This is a quickie, with more details to come later this week. Bottom line: we didn’t win for Best Food Blog of the Year after all. That honor went to a terrific blog called 5 Second Rule ( Many of you voted for us — thank you so much — and I promised  to post the results asap, so here it is, just to put everyone out of the misery of waiting for the news. I’ll write more fully about it all at the end of the week; I’m still trying to get reoriented to being home after a week in the most intense, fun, crazy, wicked-fun city in the world. Details to come, plus look for the next installment of Brad English’s New York City pizza adventure, posting Wed. evening.

Am heading to bed — it’s been a wild ride….




Dear Peter, not sure you remember me, but I met you at a class in Dallas a couple of years ago, I was one of the persons who did the complete cooking from your “Bread Baker’s Apprentice”

I tried to find a way to contact you, I would like to blog on your croissant recipe from Artisan Breads Every Dday, but would like to have your permission to do so. If you prefer that I don’t publish the recipe, I understand and will not list the ingredients, just comment on the general method.

they turned out spectacular, by the way!


Hi Sally, Great to hear from you. As long as you give accreditation to the book I’m fine with you blogging the recipe. If you need to reach me directly, write to me at Thanks for asking; not everyone does and it’s refreshing.
Best Wishes,
PS Sally’s referring to a group of people who agreed to try to bake every recipe from “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice” and share their results on their respective blogs. There were dozens who did this — I was blown away!!! Thank you to all who did this!


Thanks a million for getting back to me on this, I really appreciate it

I saved your email address for future reference, and will let you know when the blog post is ready, probably two weeks down the line.

Happy Baking! 😉


Hi Peter. I have been baking twice a week the Pain a l’Ancienne (boules). The flavor is amazing but I have an aweful time trying to score the bread. I have used single edge razor blades, then have tried 2 different lames. Still no real success. Last night i tried scissors as recommended in BBA. The dough cut but when i took it out of the dutch oven it still not have the aesthetic look i was hoping for. But nonetheless, I am having so much fun and it does taste so amazingly good. There is something about bread and faith and contemplation.
Thanks Peter and a Blessed Easter season to you
Rick in Atlanta

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