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Peppe Miele, Part 10 (finale): Calabrese Pizza

So here we are, at the end of our 10-part series with pizza maestro Peppe Miele, finishing up with one of my favorites, the Calabrese pizza.  Here’s the bottom line about this pizza: Calabrese salami is not pepperoni — it’s way better!  Not that pepperoni is bad, after all, how bad can any spicy salami with paprika be (other than how greasy it gets but, hey, for some people this is a plus). However, as we discuss in the video, pepperoni is more like an adopted step-child of the original spicy Calabrese salami, from southern Italy. Watch and see how lovely it is.

Many of you may have joined us mid-stream in this series so I want to let everyone know that you can go back anytime and watch them all — it’s a very gentle binge watch, since each webisode is only 4-5 minutes long so, altogether, it adds up to less than an hour and you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about this traditional style of Napoletans pizza from the guy who first brought the official VPN certification to the USA, and who has done much to promote and preserve the craft.  All of the webisodes are located here on the home page if you scroll down, but you can also go to the Webisodes section, where all of our segments are archived (in reverse order, where the oldest, original webisodes with Nancy Silverton, Tony Gemignani, and others begin on the last page and work back towards Page One and the more recent postings. Great rainy day viewing but be careful because, after watching them, you will start Jonesing big-time for pizza, especially great pizza. Remember, my definition of great pizza is that it be “memorable,” so either make your own or support the places that make the most memorable pizza, wherever you live.

We’ll start a new series of webisodes in a few weeks but, till then, I’ll give the last word to Peppe who, in this final installment reminds us: “Hey, it’s not about us, it’s about the pizza.”  Spoken by a true Neapolitan!!!


chuck koton

it is so heart warming to see Peppe at Antica making pizza…i walked in there not knowing what to expect in the late 90s and then would be there nearly every weekend until it, sadly, closed many years later! although i almost always ordered a margherita pie with salsicca, i did order and devour the calabrese many times!

Peter Reinhart

Thanks Chuck! Peppe was extremely generous with his time and in sharing his knowledge. I believe he is now the culinary director or advisor of a new fast casual pizza concept called MidiCi, whose first location is in LA. Let us know if you can track him down there.

Brad English

It makes me yearn to go to his pizza school just to hang out and eat some pizza with Peppe! I miss Antica!

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