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New Webisode: John Arena on Dom De Marco

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a great holiday treat for you: John Arena, who we’ve featured in the previous few webisodes, describes to the folks who gathered at the Forno Bravo Expo how the iconic pizzaiolo, Domenico (Dom) De Marco, founder, owner, and pretty much the only pizza maker for the past 60 years at Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn, makes his legendary pizzas. Talk about the roots of “Slow Food!” You’ll see what I mean, and those of you who have been to Di Fara, I’m sure will get a good chuckle seeing John describe and imitate Dom’s fastidious method in this segment. The only difference from Di Fara is that we were baking it in a wood-fired oven, while Dom makes his pizzas in a classic gas-powered pizza deck oven.

Who knows how much longer we’ll have Dom around, standing in that same place, growing basil and oregano in his window boxes and snipping it onto his beautiful pizzas? (I heard that he now sometimes lets his son make a pizza every once in a while — can one of you Brooklynites confirm this below in the comments section?) So let’s enjoy him while we can — he’s definitely of a bygone era, yet he still inspires so many pizza makers around the world, many of whom make their own pilgrimage for the honor of standing in line, waiting as long as it takes, for one of Dom’s beautiful pies!


Kathy Ross

primavera oven


Wow. Excellent presentation about Dom, John and Peter. Awesome.

    Peter Reinhart

    Thanks Jeff! Yes, John Arena is like our resident historian in addition to being one of the great pizza makers int he world. We’re very lucky to have him here!!


He must be 80 if he has been in business for 60 years, and neither of thewe guys look 80!!

    Peter Reinhart

    I don’t know John’s actual age but he started his professional clock at about the age of 13, so his career is getting close to the 60 year mark. As for Dom DeMarco, yes, he’s well over 80 and has been standing in that same spot in his pizzeria since the early to mid 1960’s.

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