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New Video: Peter’s “Creative Mornings” Presentation and other News

Hi Everyone,

This video just got posted by our local Creative Mornings chapter. If you don’t know what Creative Mornings is, go do a Google search and see if there’s a chapter near you. It’s an amazing community building gathering, a phenomenon, and Charlotte NC just happens to have one of the most dynamic of all the Creative Mornings chapters and, guess what, I got to be the featured speaker at their June gathering (we meet on the first Friday morning of each month and about 400 folks usually show up — free food, music, networking, fun and games and, at the end, a 20 minute talk by a local “creative” speaker.  Craft was the theme being celebrated in June by all the chapters worldwide (I’m not sure how many chapters there are but I think it’s somewhere around 188 or more), so I was asked to make a presentation on my never-ending quest for the perfect pizza (go figure) and connect it to the theme of Craft. Anyone who’s a regular here at Pizza Quest knows that this is pretty much our core theme, so it was a good fit for me, as you will see if you click on the link and watch my presentation.

You’ll also notice that the first 3 1/2 minutes are the taken up by the Pizza Quest highlight reel that we always keep at the top of the PQ home page (we call it, “Pizza as Obsession“), so enjoy it again and hang in there until I actually take the stage and start my live talk.  I hope you enjoy it and, if you do (or even if you don’t), feel free to post your comments below.

UPCOMING CLASSES: For those in the SF Bay Area, I will be presenting two classes in Petaluma, CA, at the Artisan Baking Center on July 20 and 21. Here’s a link to their site:  On the 20th, we’ll be doing a six hour “sneak preview” hands on class based on my upcoming book (Perfect Pan Pizza). The book won’t be out till next May, so this will be the first chance to experience some of the recipes and tips in the book, including Detroit Red Stripe, Grandma Pizza, Focaccia Genovese, and Roman-style Pizza Bianca and Rossa.  The following day, July 21, the hands-on class will be on artisan breads, and is called The Bread Baker’s Apprentice 2.0, and will feature my all-time favorite bread, Struan, as well as wild mushroom ciabatta (ciabatta al funghi, as it is known in Italy), and sprouted wheat bagels and bialys, and more. Check out the descriptions on their web site.

For those in the Cleveland/Chesterland area, I will be teaching at the Loretta Paganini School of Cooking on August 16-18. These will be 3 hour demonstration classes (not hands-on) and include both of the classes listed above plus an additional class on sourdough breads. For more info and to register, here’s a link:

Hope to see some of you at these classes and please enjoy my Creative Mornings talk on My Never-Ending Quest for the Perfect Pizza. More on my upcoming book in next week’s post….

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