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Joseph’s Provolone Pizza

Written By Peter Reinhart
Wednesday, 19 October 2011 Video Recipe Demos

As a special welcome to The Fire Within, our newest sponsor, here is a video we shot last October at an oven owners conference hosted by Joseph Pergolizzi, the owner and founder of The Fire Within.  We shot a number of these instructional videos at the end of the conference with various attendees, asking each of the oven owners what kind of pizza they wanted to make, and Joseph chose this one and a couple of others, including a killer clam pizza. In this video, though, we not only get to make a simple yet beautiful pizza with pesto, two kinds of cheese (with a special tribute to Provolone, which both of us love), and local cherry tomatoes, but also talk about the oven rigs themselves.

Note that the crust is a little puffy in this version, almost like a round Sicilian or focaccia style dough, but you can always make the crust as thin or thick as you like when you do it. The dough was so delicious (recipe in the PQ Instructional archives), and the combo of fresh tomatoes, pesto, and cheeses are so perfect that, when the cameras stopped running, we devoured this little pie in about 30 seconds.

For more details on these oven rigs, click through to The Fire Within website on our home page. Joseph and I are already talking about doing another conference in Boulder next autumn and would love to have you there.



Where can I find the dough recipe used in Joe’s Provolone pizza?


If you go to the Instructionals section, page 3, you will find a recipe there for Country Pizza dough, the same one we used in the video–it’s wonderful!


Pesto pizza is always a hit at our house. The way we make it is:

Peter’s neo napalatano dough ( our go to dough)
Fresh mozzarella
Hard mozzarella grated
Pesto (we spend two sundays a year making it and freezing it – get a nice bottle of wine to get you through the picking of the leaves)
Alfredo sauce
Sun dried tomatoes

Mix some pesto & alfredo together and spead on the dough
Next put on fresh and grated mozzarella
Sprinkle oregano
Throw in oven
Half way through cooking put the sun dried tomatoes on
When cooked, pull out of the oven and put some feta on top
Drizzle with evoo

Of course, as with most wood fired pizzas, less is more, so we go light on all the ingredients.

BTW Peter really likes what he calls the “wood peel”. I would love to have on these, but I can’t seem to find one. Anybody have an idea of where to buy one of these?


Thanks for the great pizza concept!! As for the wooden peel, you can find those at many stores in the cooking section — it’s a fairly commonly stocked product. If not, check with the Forno Bravo on-line store.
I love that you put up a whole freezer full of pesto!!!!!!



Send me some photos of your Pesto Pizza. I’ll post up your recipe and photos and do a version myself as a follow up. Sounds delicious!

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