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International Bread Symposium coming in May

Written By Peter Reinhart
Monday, 27 March 2017 Peter's Blog
"The Future of Bread," May 22-23, 2017

“The Future of Bread,” May 22-23, 2017

To all my fellow bread-heads, I want to share this link to a major event I’ve organized in Charlotte, NC on May 22-23. It’s called, “On the Rise: The Johnson & Wales University International Symposium on Bread.”  The theme of the symposium is “The Future of Bread,” and we will be featuring 10 internationally important experts on all facets of bread. Some of the speakers include Chad Robertson, of Tartine Bakery and Manufactory, who has built what is truly the bakery of the future in San Francisco; Glenn Roberts, founder of Anson Mills, the man who single-handedly saved a number of nearly extinct seeds and grains, cultivated them and then found farmers to grow them into crops, where they have wowed the chef community and set new benchmarks for flavor; Tom Gumpel, the director of bread innovation for Panera; Wolfgang Mock, the inventor of the KoMo Stone Flour Mill and now the new Mockmill, a stone-mill that fits on a Kitchen Aid mixer, and many others. Tickets are only $130 and I guarantee you that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet some of the giants in this category, as well as to be part of the conversation.

Here’s a link to the ticket site, where you can read more about the event and find links to the speakers and their topics, as well to the official hotel next door (The DoubleTree by Hilton) where they are offering a discounted Symposium rate: 

There’s no obligation to buy, but do check out the full speaker’s list even if you can’t come. If you decide to buy a ticket be sure to look for me when you arrive and tell me you heard about through Pizza Quest.

Speaking of pizza, I will be in Las Vegas through Thursday of this week, presenting two workshops at the International Pizza Expo. One of these is on Tuesday, where John Arena and I will demonstrate how pizzeria operators can make their own bread, in addition to pizza, using the equipment they already have. On Monday, I will be moderating a panel with the legendary “Dough Doctor,” Tom Lehman, and the equally legendary “Pizza Boot Camp” founder Bill Weekely, of General Mills, on the topic of dough fermentation and the pro’s and con’s of long vs. short fermentation.  Again, if you are there, say hi. I’ll be spending a lot of time walking around the Expo floor, and also hanging out at the Forno Bravo booth.  Hope to see you there.  I’ll post about my experience next week right here. Lots of fun ahead!

Ciao for now…..

See you at the Pizza Expo!

See you at the Pizza Expo!


Jamie Ryan Lockman

Hi Peter: It sounds like the Bread Symposium was a great success! Congratulations! I learned of the event after already having other work-related travel and was disappointed that I wasn’t able to attend. Will you have another event in 2018? Here’s hoping!

My kind regards –

Jamie Ryan Lockman
Regional Director – North America
Kamut International
Missoula, MT 59806
(406) 251-9418

    Peter Reinhart

    We’re working on it and I will announce it in my Peter’s Blog and also on a new Symposium blog that we’re still setting up (I’ll announce that too when it’s up and running). My hope is that we will repeagt it next year and should make that decision by the end of July –or at least I hope so. We’re also working on getting YouTube videos up on our Symposium channel so that you can see all the talks — or at least the one of most interest to you. Again, I’ll announce it as soon as I have the information. Thanks for your interest, Jamie, and I hope you will come when we do the next one. Write to me at if you need to get your name on our mailing list and, also, if you think Kamut International would be interested in being a sponsor.

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