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First Webisode, 2017: The Forno Bravo Expo, Part One

January 3, 2017

Welcome to the New Year! We want to start off our new season with an intro webisode that sets the stage for our remarkable 3 days of filming at the Forno Bravo Wood-Fired Oven Expo. Over the next few months, as we post additional segments, you will see demos, interviews, partake vicariously in some tasting with a master wine maker, and of course you will witness lots of pizza making and gooey, oozing slices. We will try to recapture for you the excitement we felt as we bonded with hundreds of fellow pizza and fire freaks, and will bring you along for the ride.

In this opening segment you’ll meet Tim Cole, the Chief Operating Officer of Forno Bravo Ovens. Tim and his FB team organized the Expo and invited our PizzaQuest team, as well as some terrific local and national chefs, to play with and test drive their array of ovens and to film the entire event, which was held at scenic Talbott Vineyards in Salinas, California (John Steinbeck country, and not too far from Monterey and Carmel, on the coast). In addition to Tim you will also catch glimpses of some of the others in our “cast of characters,” such as John Arena (one of America’s great pizzaiolos and a regular guest columnist here on PQ), Alice Brink, of The Fire Within mobile wood-fired ovens, and Rob DiNapoli, owner of DiNapoli Tomato Products (and maker of my favorite pizza tomatoes, the organic and exquisite Bianco-DiNapoli plum tomatoes), and a number of other guests who will reappear from time to time in the many episodes still to come.

In this segment you will hear Tim lay out some of the recurrent themes of this gathering: fire as a primal symbol that draws kindred spirits together in a kind of tribalism in a quest for authenticity and community. That’s all I need to say at this point, as you will hear these themes re-emerge over and over as we explore not only the power of fire but also of fermentation and, ultimately, the transformation of many types of ingredients into something new and wonderful. Onward….



bill grubb

I’m thinking of coming to the pizza show and checking you guys out, do you have any complimentary passes to the show?
Bill Grubb

    Peter Reinhart

    I don’t, sorry. This will be my first Expo, so I’m a little bit of a rookie in all of this. I hope you come anyway and, if you do, please find us and say hi.

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