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Written By Peter Reinhart
Monday, 19 November 2018 Peter's Blog

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been teasing this for months but, at long last, a seven episode season of Pizza Quest has now launched on the new BluPrint network. BluPrint is a spin off of, the leading digital site for instructional courses on nearly every imaginable subject, and now, Craftsy has been acquired by NBC/Universal, and they then created a new subscription network that allows subscribers access to all the Craftsy courses (rather than buying them  a l’carte) as well as new, original lifestyle content aimed at people who like to make things (“Makers,” as this demographic is called). We have re-edited some of our best webisodes for them into longer, 12-15 minute episodes, featuring Tony Gemignani, Nnncy Silverton, Anthony Mangieri, Craig Stoll and Anthony Strong (of Pizzeria Delfina), Kelly Whitaker (Pizzeria Basta in Boulder), and others.

And, the folks at BluPrint have provided us with a link that will allow you to watch Episode One (featuring Tony Gemignani) as well as a bonus episode filmed at the Forno Bravo Oven Expo, all for free. It’s kind of a sneak preview.  I’d love for you to check it out and, also, to please tell your friends and share the link with your social network. The more viewers we get the better our chances of getting renewed for a second season (which would allow us to shoot all new material at places we have not yet visited).  Here’s the link:

Feel free to share this link with your friends. We’d love your feedback too.  Also, please know that we will continue posting webisodes, guest columns, recipes, and interviews here on this site, so please keep checking back for new postings. The best news is that, now, Pizza Quest will live on two platforms (three if you count YouTube, where we also have a page), so there are lots of ways to find us.

More news and postings soon, so check out Episode One: The Mozart of Pizza on BluPrint and let us know what you think.

As we often say (and it’s more true now than ever):  the quest just never ends….  

Tony Gemignani, on fire with pizza artistry


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