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Flying Pizza with Tony Gemignani

Written By Peter Reinhart
Thursday, 13 October 2011 Webisodes

You’re going to love this one! Tony schools me on the art of dough tossing, both for function and for acrobatics.

As those who have made my recipes know, my doughs tend to be too wet and fragile for tossing so I always use flour on the back of my hands, with my thumbs on the edges, to rotate it around. Tony’s dough, which is firmer and not sticky, was easy to toss around and, after a few minutes of lessons from the master I was not embarrassing myself too much (we had gathered a nice crowd round us, there in the middle of North Beach, SF, where Tony’s Pizza Napoletana is located). This webisode should prove instructive for any of you who want to toss your dough the way the professionals do and, in these few simple instructions, Tony really does give us a lot information and technique. Enjoy the short tease at the end of Tony spinning dough for us–it is but a small sample of what he can do when he gets going. There are other videos of Tony on YouTube doing competitions and exhibitions and, for those who have never seen him or heard of him before now, you should know that for about ten years he was pretty much unbeatable and a many time world champion before then winning the world championship for his Margherita pizza. Sit back and enjoy–this one is pure fun!





No, but I will next time. I still haven’t tried any of his coal fired pizzas, such as The New Yorker, and the Clam and Garlic. Looks like I have to make a return ASAP!

Ben King

cool! I’m across the bay, havent been to his place yet but I need to. I just finished my Casa2g oven in back, and have fired it five times so far, all napoletana dough though.
So Peter if I follow the NY Style dough recipe in your APie book i should be able to practice some spinning? I’ll be using KingArthur bread flour, as that’s all I have locally available. Thanks for any comments!

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