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Coming Attractions, Week of March 7th

This week we return to Pizzeria Basta in Boulder, CO, for another Kelly Whitaker pizza demo. This time, Kelly shows us his personal favorite, a simple and delicious Marinara pizza, with a few special Kelly touches. This video will post on Thursday.

I’ll be back on Tuesday for a new Peter’s Blog, with some comments on the growing gluten free trend.

Along the same lines, new Guest Columnist Tom Carrig will address the notion that eating pizza could be healthy for us. How and why–we’ll find out on Friday.

And on Wednesday I’ll post a new recipe, this one is an olive and peppadew pepper tapinade–great for topping a pizza or just eating with crackers!

Keep coming back–there’s always something new on Pizza Quest.



Next time you are in Boulder try Pizzeria Locale….I would be interested in your take and any others who might go there.


I ate at Locale a few weeks ago. Very good very authentic pizza – with a somewhat “wet” middle. I would have liked it to stay in the oven a few more seconds, personal preference. I sat at the pizza bar and watched the process – it was informative and entertaining, and warm! They need to to a better job of getting the pizzas to the table pronto. I am talking mostly about the pizzas that have added toppings after they come out of the oven. BE FASTER! I want my pizza very hot when it comes to the table.
Next time Basta!


I was just at Pizzeria Locale but it was so crowded we couldn’t get a table, so we took a rain-check. I guess the locals really like it, though, which is a great sign; there can never be too many great pizzerias, and they keep on coming!
I hope to get back in a few months and try to get in again–there’s a lot of buzz around this place.

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