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Coming Attractions, Week of Aug. 29th

Written By Peter Reinhart
Sunday, 28 August 2011 Uncategorized

In our never ending search to celebrate true pizza artisans and artisanship we’re very excited to announce that on Thursday,  Sept. 1st., we begin our newest webisode series, this time featuring World Champion Pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani, owner of Tony’s Pizza Napolatana in San Francisco.  Tony is already well known to many pizza fans as the amazing, many times World Champion acrobatic dough spinning master, featured often on The Tonight Show, Letterman, and the Food Network. But not everyone knows that he is also the World Margherita Pizza Champion  and, in our visit with him, he tells us all about how he did it. You’ll learn, as did we, what the judges look for, the type of flour he used, the tricks that put him over the top and allowed him to beat the local Napletano and other Italian pizzaiolos on their own home turf. He’ll also take us on a road trip to the California tomato fields, where we’ll harvest tomatoes with one of his main growers, Stanislaus Tomatoes (as pizzeria owners know, one of the most beloved of all sauce brands). Finally, we’ll also get to see inside Tony’s new SF pizzeria where he makes every style of pizza and has a different oven for each style (he recently opened a similar place in NYC called 900 Degrees, so our east coast followers can get to taste his pizzas there). This promises to be a great series and will run for a number of weeks. It all begins on Sept. 1st — you’re going to love it!

In addition, on Tuesday I’ll continue my ongoing blog discussion on the relationship between pizza and beer, with updates on the Bruery Pizza Challenge, which culminates in Denver at the end of September at The Great American Beer Festival.

On Wednesday we’ll be sharing a new photo gallery from Brad, with behind the scenes shots of when we filmed at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana.

And on Friday, a Guest Column from Alan Henkin, of Pizzeria Basta, who is the beverage director and business partner, and the one who first turned us on to The Bruery. Alan will give us a glimpse of the process that he and Kelly Whitaker go through in matching food with beer and wine.

A full week and the beginning of a new webisode series — hey it doesn’t get much better. As usual, there’s always something new here at Pizza Quest!


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