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Brava Pizzeria della Strada, Webisode, Part Three: The “Fun Guy” Pizza

This time around David Bravdica shows us his award winning wild mushroom pizza, “The Fun Guy.”  This pizza is so tasty that I won’t say much here, but let you savor it yourself when you watch the video. However, I would like to point out that you pay attention to Dave’s dough shaping technique. We get e-mail requests all the time from folks wanting to know how to stretch a pizza skin (dough) and here’s one video that’s worth a thousand words of instruction. Note also the finishing truffle oil — yes, as Dave points out, it can get over-used and is almost a cliche but, really, can we ever get enough of that truffle flavor, especially when used to heighten the earthy funghitudinal (yes, I just made up a new word) flavor of shiitake or other mushrooms. Forget the cliche — don’t hold back on that truffle oil!!!

One final note: if you are just joining us for the first time, or haven’t seen the first two webisodes in this Brava Pizzeria story arc, scroll down the home page and check them out for more background on this unique street pizza operation in Denver, CO.


Albert Grande

That’s it: I’m heading to Denver to have a “Fun Guy” pizza… Grandma Grande would pronounce that a little differently but I’m sure she would love the pizza!

    Brad English

    Tell us about it Albert! Report back!

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