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“I Don’t Compromise,” Anthony Mangieri, Part 2

Welcome back!

As promised, here’s the second part of our ongoing series of webisodes with Anthony Mangieri, founder of Una Pizza Napoletana. In this episode, Anthony takes us deeper into his personal story; his striving for excellence and ongoing personal growth. I find it interesting that, while Anthony works on a narrow canvas of just one style of pizza with only a few menu options for the customer, it’s not because he’s playing it safe but because, for Anthony, this style of pizza is like a bottomless well that he never tires of excavating. When he says, “I don’t compromise,” he’s talking as much about himself, his personal ethos, as about the pizzas. As you will see, the word “comfortable” is the enemy in his personal journey. This dedication to plumbing the depths of his chosen style is why I often refer to Anthony as the “Chopin of pizza.”

Keep checking back over the next weeks and months, as I’ll be posting more segments with Anthony in which we’ll see how he approaches and makes some of his most well known pizzas. Till then, enjoy this interview portrait with one of the true pizza artists of our time.

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