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2013, Here We Come!

Written By Peter Reinhart
Monday, 07 January 2013 Peter's Blog

Welcome to 2013! As we start a new year and also begin our third year here on Pizza Quest, I wanted to give you all a quick glimpse of what’s coming up.

But first, a hearty thank you to all our contributors, partners, and supporters. This is  especially so for Forno Bravo, who partnered with us from Day One in creating this site and continues supporting us in so many ways. Also, our sponsors, Central Milling, The Fire Within, and DiNapoli Tomato Products, as well as our founding sponsor, Bel Gioioso Cheese.  Also, a special thank you to John Arena, our most frequent Guest Columnist, and to all others who contributed columns.

And, finally, I’d like to thank Brad English and Jeff Michael, who came up with the original idea for Pizza Quest and invited me to join with them in making it happen. Brad, as you already know, is our regular “If I can do it so can you” columnist, and he’s come up with some incredible pizza concepts as well as lots of fun journal entries and pictorials about his never-ending quest for the perfect pizza. As Calvin Trillin phrased it, he’s “…just a big hungry boy looking for a good meal.”  And thanks also to our webisode Director and fellow Quester, David Wilson, and our editor Annette Aryanpour, who make all our webisodes sizzle.

Thank you all and now onward, to a great 2013!

Upcoming: For those in the Texas area, I’ll be doing a short tour of seven Central Market Cooking Schools, offering a demo class based on my new book, “The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking.” I won’t be doing any pizza or bread classes on this tour (though I will show a wonderful gluten-free focaccia), but I’m happy to hang out with any bread or pizza freaks after the class if you come by. Here is the schedule; if you would like to attend a class, please visit their website: 

January 23rd – Austin
January 24th – Houston
January 25th – San Antonio
January 26th – South Lake (4:00 pm – 6:30 pm)
January 27th – Dallas (4:00 pm – 6:30 pm)
January 29th – Fort Worth
January 30th – Plano
**Please note all classes will be at 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

A reminder that I’ll soon have the log-on for you for the upcoming Craftsy free pizza mini-course — hopefully within a week or so. Please check back for those details.

And, of course, there’s Pizza Quest: In the coming months we’ll continue the Basta webisode series, which will soon move into the great pizza/beer challenge. Brad has more to say about his NYC mini-quest, along with a new recipe, coming later this week, for a wonderful fire roasted tomato pizza. I also expect some great pictorials from him in the next few weeks after he fires up his new Pizza Steel, which should very exciting. Of course, John Arena can’t leave us hanging — we’ll soon have the next installment in his “Are You Ready to Turn Pro” series. And, as always, lots of other surprises.

I’ll be back soon with the Mini-Course info and more news and views. Thanks to all of you for being such loyal Questers and for spreading the word. We have a big year ahead….



hi peter

big fan of you,looking forward to pizza quest 2013.loved “american pie” read it many times (really),tried to imagine what you experienced in your travels.1st you have or in the process of writing a new book only about pizza again,like “american pie”?2nd i’m truly having a hard time finding a GARLIC SAUCE recipe used on garlic pizzas in many pizzerias.i currently use your ny style pizza dough,then top with butter and sprinkle some garlic salt,add mozz and just doesn’t seem to compare to my local pizza shops garlic pizza.what do they use or what do you use?


Hi Roberto,
Can you describe the characteristics of the garlic sauce you seek? Is it creamy, herb oil-like, used in place of tomato sauce? I’m not working on a new pizza book (Pizza Quest is the continuation of the book “American Pie) but maybe we can figure out a sauce if I know what you are looking for.



yes,its more herb oil like,its very popular here in my hometown of Rome,new york(about 40 min from Syracuse),and yes its used in place of red sauce.

molto grazie



can you please give me the changes to your “new york style pizza dough” recipe which results in 2 30oz balls.

thank u very much



Not sure what you mean by changes. 30 ounces is a big dough ball but the recipe should remain the same no matter how big the dough ball. You can double the recipe if you need more dough.
As for the garlic sauce you might want to go to the free Craftsy mini course ( and sign up and ask that community where, we have over 8,000 subscribers who are pretty good about sharing their discoveries. There are also some recipes there you can download including one for herb oil and also a spicy oil.

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