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Pizza Talk, Season Two, Episode 13: The Sourdough Club, Vanessa Kimbell

Written By Peter Reinhart
Thursday, 17 February 2022 Pizza Talk

Hi All,

Sourdough is taking over the world! There are a lot of reasons for this, and it goes way beyond flavor. One of the international driving forces of this tidal wave of interest is Vanessa Kimbell, who is the founder, author, and host of The and The (and three Sourdough School cookbooks).  Based in the UK, north of London, Vanessa has a huge following and is an important global influencer and teacher, especially regarding the health and wellness aspects of sourdough fermentation. Her doctoral work is bringing hard evidence to the intuitive sense we all feel that sourdough — that is, natural wild yeast and bacterial fermentation — is really good for us (I mean, really really good for us and for our gut health — the key to it all). Tune in to hear how Vanessa’s life was not only changed, but literally saved by her research and discoveries. She has taken on the mission of changing the world one loaf of sourdough bread (and pizza) at a time, and you need to know about it and, if you haven’t already, join in her revolution.

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