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Pizza Talk: Noel Brohner, The Impresario of Slow Rise

Written By Peter Reinhart
Thursday, 17 September 2020 Pizza Talk

When the Covid pandemic first struck big time, one of the first casualties was the much beloved, annual International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. Just days before it was set to begin in late March, the organizers had to reluctantly pull the plug (as we heard from the executive director of the Expo, Pete Lachapelle, on an earlier episode of Pizza Talk). In response, pizza consultant and entertainment events producer Noel Brohner, who had organized a three day series of demos and fun presentations to be held at the King Arthur Flour booth at Expo, redeployed his talents and, along with a few friends of his, created an instant “virtual pizza party” featuring many of those pizza stars who were set to appear in Vegas.  In fact, it was Noel’s Virtual Pizza Party (which you can still access via recordings, as you will learn here) that was the inspiration for me to create Pizza Talk, so thank you Noel! And now, let’s hear from Noel himself, as he shares his own journey in pizza as an international consultant and all around creative make-it-happen guy! Noel, you’re on….

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