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Pizza Talk: Mike Kurtz, the Creator of Mike’s Hot Honey

Condiments are essential foods for many of us. What would we do without mustard, ketchup, salsa, Tabasco, or Texas Pete, or Frank’s Hot Sauce? We sort of take them for granted and assume they’ve been around forever — which they haven’t — but during the past few years we (and by “we” I mean our tribe of fellow pizza freaks) bore first hand witness to the emergence a new “essential” condiment that, seemingly overnight, has become ubiquitous in our community. Of course, I am referring to Mike’s Hot Honey, a condiment that has been a real difference maker in the realm of pizza —  and also on other foods like chicken and salmon, too. Its creator, Mike Kurtz, is here to tell us the whole story and to also spill the beans on how his friendship with Paulie G spawned not only the birth of this amazing product but, also, the invention of Paulie G’s iconic pizza, The Hellboy. Here’s Mike to take us behind the scenes of the birth and growth of his signature product, Mike’s Hot Honey.

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